Wade Cota Weight Loss

American Idol Star Wade Cota 140 pounds Weight loss Details

Learn Every Details about American Idol Singer Wade Cota weight loss, diets and workouts, before and after, transformation, songs and more

The American singer Wade Cota has set his fame as a successful artist in a couple of years. The 30 year-old star has his own fan base after drop down of several songs. Songs like DRIVER’S SIDE and Ordinary Life has raised his popularity to whole another level.

The Image of Singer Wade Cota

The Image of Singer Wade Cota
Image Source: Twitter

Furthermore, his weight loss also has covered up the internet section for a few days now. How much weight did he lose? What were the secrets to his weight loss transformation? Know all the details about his before and after body with comparison pictures.

American Idol Star Weight Loss of 140 pounds

He made appearance on the Season 17 of American Idol and got to the top-five finalist of the season as well. His voice fascinated everyone and fans were giving suggestions to further improve his popularity. Along with his fame, his weight also became a sensible topic to the audiences of the show.

 His looks in the year 2017

His looks in the year 2017
Image Source: Peoria Times

His admirers as well as other so-called haters also started making comments on his physique. Those comments hit him so hard that he had to go through the weight loss crusade. “Yeah, there were plenty of messages telling me that I should kill myself and that I was too fat for TV,” the singer told people, “Those are the ones that really got to me.”

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It wasn’t that long after he was voted off the show. However, he didn’t give up and intend to further take step in his music career. Then as the site revealed Cota with his mother went through the journey of shedding pounds. Cutting off unnecessary foods from his diet were the main thing for such journey.

What are the secrets to his transformation?

Talking about the secret tips to his weight loss, he even took part in sports like basketball for exercise. The running as well as the regular exercise has helped him a lot in his shape. Through the course of two and half years, he has been down 140 pounds.

He looks a lot slimmer after weight loss

He looks a lot slimmer after weight loss
Image Source: People

Such incredible journey has made him an idol for many as well. The weight loss has made him active and healthy as well. He feels a lot better and uplifting after the transformation.

“Singing is so much easier now because I don’t get out of breath,” the Wake Up singer showed another advantage, “I can hold longer notes. I feel like my voice has grown leaps and bounds since when I was heavier than I am now. I feel really good.”

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However his journey hasn’t come to an end. He is on a further plan to lose 50 more pounds. Such determination towards improving his physique is really appreciable. He informed his fans and followers through his Facebook and Twitter about his on-going weight loss journey in the year 2019.

Other than that, he is active on social media like Instagram and YouTube. Checkout for any further and personal details on the singer.

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