Tom Hanks Weight Loss

'Forrest Gump' Star Tom Hanks Weight Loss, Diet and Workout Secrets

Read the article to know every details of Forrest Gump and Cast Away star Tom Hanks weight loss transformation, before and after, diets and workouts

Tom Hanks with a full name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is popular as American actor and filmmaker. Serving in the industry for than 4 decades, there is probably no one who haven’t heard about the star. The American cultural icon has been known for his comedic as well dramatic portrayals.

The American actor made his global recognition through comedy roles and then landed on major roles in movies like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile and more. Along with graphical difference in his career, his appearance has changed a lot through the years.

The Snippet of Tom Hanks

The Snippet of Tom Hanks
Image Source: Pinkvilla

For best interaction and as per requirement of the movies, he also has lost some pounds. These kind of transformation regarding the weight loss has caused a lot of queries among the public. Has he gone through any of the weight loss procedures lately? What are his workout plans and diet routines?

Details about Tom Hanks Weight Loss

The rumors about his weight loss first rose when he had a significant weight change in the 1993 movie Philadelphia. He played the character of a HIV patient, thus the change was a necessity for the movie.

Compare the snaps of actor before and after weight loss

Compare the snaps of actor before and after weight loss
Image Source: Actors

Later, cheatsheet made sure that Tom lost about 50 pounds for the role of Chuck stuck in an island. The transformation took longer than expected. However, the director of the movie was busy shooting another one with the same crew.

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As explained to Entertainment Weekly, the actor followed a strict diet. He also added that the food he missed most at the time was French Fries. Talking about the only thing he couldn’t give up during the weight loss, “The only thing I did not give up was coffee. Nope, wasn’t about to! Can’t do it!” Hanks made clear of it.

Diet Plans and Workout Routines

Coming to the secrets to his transformation, he ate very few carbo which included fish and coconut milk. Two hours of cardio six days a week also helped him shed those pounds. Another site reference added that he later had to gain weight to look more like a middle-aged man.

Look at the actor Now

Look at the actor Now
Image Source: Deadline

The 65-year-old star is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Checkout and stay connected for any updates on the star and his new upcoming movies.

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