Steve Harvey Wife Majorie Harvey Cheating Facts with Bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman!

Steve Harvey Wife Majorie Harvey Cheating Facts with Bodyguard William 'Big Boom' Freeman!

Steve Harvey Wife Majorie Harvey Cheating Facts with Bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman, Harvey’s children, marriage and wife details.

Recently the internet and media have been trending with the latest news regarding Television Show host Steve Harvey wife Majorie Harvey Cheating Scandal with bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman. So in order to learn the real facts, ahead, we present you with all the details regarding Steve Harvey and Majorie Harvey’s relationship, Children, and more details.

Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr. better known as Steve Harvey is an American television producer, host, actor, comedian and fashion enthusiast who became famous for his television talk show The Steve Harvey Morning Show. The show which ran for 6 years initially began to air from August 25, 1996, aired till February 17, 2002.

Furthermore, the 66-year-old Harvey also gained a wide range of popularity for his longest-running show of 47 years – Family Fued which started on July 12, 1976. As of recent there have been a lot of headlines regarding Steve Harvey’s wife cheating with his bodyguard. So to know the facts and learn what’s going on, we present you with all the details regarding it.

Throughout his career, he has had three marriages, each with its own story. However, his marriage to Marjorie Elaine Harvey has recently taken an unexpected twist.

Bodyguard Set Their Relation Up

Back in 2005, a man named William Freeman, better known as Big Boom, unwilingly played an important role in Steve Harvey’s love life. Big Boom, who had been Steve’s loyal bodyguard and even his private chef.

Steve with current wife William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman Despite rough relationships and marriage years. (Image Source: Pinterest )

Bodyguard Big Boom was the one who recognized something special between Steve and Marjorie. Having witnessed Steve’s happiness with Marjorie in the past, Big Boom was the one who suggested that Steve should start a relationship and turn it into something beautiful. 

The guidance from Big Boom proved to be a turning point in Steve Harvey’s romantic journey. After knowing each other for over a decade, Steve and Marjorie’s paths crossed again, thanks to Big Boom’s intervention. Steve recalled in a 2016 interview, 

“He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie. Now, before you go and do something stupid and marry another woman, I’m calling her.’”

Following Big Boom’s advice, Steve and Marjorie build their connection and sparks fly. Their romance eventually led to their marriage in 2007. Fast forward to the present, there are rumors that Marjorie Elaine Harvey has cheated on Steve with none other than Big Boom himself! With that, there are reports that Majorie has filed for divorce with Harvey with a whopping $200 million settlement.

Cheating Rumors with Bodyguard Are Fake News

All the stories we heard about Harvey and his wife cheating with his bodyguard are fake and not true. As we are familiar with how social media surfaces fake news over the platform. Our very own favorite comedian and TV star has also been on the radar of fake news.

As per reports from Pinkvilla, a friend of Harvey, Ned Nwoko who is a business by profession stepped in to clarify the situation, and clearly testified to the audience the whole situation was “Fake News”.

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Along with that, 66-year-old Harvey with his social media manager shared a video on Friday, August 25. In the short video, he even shared that he had fired all the staff responsible for posting negative tweets about the star. With that Harvey even shared that he maintains a healthy relationship with his wife dealing with no other issues that have been revolving around social media.

Steve Harvey Children with Three Wives 

Steve and Marjorie ahs a total of seven children when they unite and count both of their children together. Among seven children, three kids were adopted after Steve married Harvey in 2007. 

The names of Harvey’s children are twin kids Karli and Bradi, similarly, three sons BroderickWynton, and Jason, and daughters Morgan and Lri

Steve Welcomed Three Children with his First Wife Marcia Harvey

Starting from Steve first wife was Marcia Harvey. The former couple got married in 1981 when Steve had not even started his acting television career. Over the time, he was working as an insurance salesman in Ohio, trying to get inside the field of comedy. 

After tying the knot and sharing a 13-year-old relationship as husband and wife, Harvey later called it quits with Marcia Harvey after he cheated on her when she was expecting a third baby. 

Harvey Second Wife Claimed $60 Million after Divorce

Yes, you heard it right! For those unaware, the Family Feud host fell in love with a make-up artist Mary Shackleford, and got married in 1996. Besides that, there are also rumors that Harvey relationship with Marcia began when he was still married to Marica. However, Mary and Steve met each other back in 1989. 

The couple gave birth to a son Wyton in 1996, however, due to complications in their marriage life, they decided to split. Shackleford even filed a $6 million divorce settlement which was later dismissed.

Steve Harvey Married His Third Wife in 2007

After some rough relationships and marriage years, Harvey then got married to Majorie Harvey. As per reports from Haravey, he said that he was the most satisfied with his current relationship as their relationship contains a deeper understanding of each other life. And as a matter of fact, both the partner already had their biological children. 

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But as of now, there have been lots of rumors going on regarding Steve and his wife cheating with a bodyguard. Wrapping things up, Steve has denied the rumors and has not shared anything related to divorce. And it seems like our very own favorite star has been suffering with success. 

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