‘Steppin into the Holiday’ Mario Lopez plastic surgery: Net worth, age, popular movies, wife Courtney Mazza, Mario Lopez before and after surgery

Mario Lopez plastic surgery

Mario Lopez plastic surgery rumors started as his never ending glow, killer smile with dimples and his glorious jaw line, never seems to reflect his age of 49 years old. So, has the Courtney Mazza’s Husband Mario Lopez undergone any plastic surgeries or are they just rumors? Lets find out.

Mario Lopez is an American actor and television host who was born on October 10, 1973 in San Diego, California, United States. He has been in the acting scene since young age, and 2024 will mark his 4th decade working in the Hollywood. Holiday in Santa Fe, A Recipe for Seduction, Holiday in Handcuffs, Feliz NaviDAD, Made in Mexico, Teenage Paparazzo, Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, The Dog Who Saved (Christmas, Summer, Easter), Honey, Honey 2, are some of his popular movies and the reason fans fell in love with him.

Mario Lopez is known for his Christmas movies and is considered the Christmas King among stars. And as Christmas in near, it wouldn’t be the same without a Mario Lopez new Christmas movie. ‘Steppin into the Holiday’ is his recent project for Christmas of 2022, and it is set to premiere in Lifetime Channel on November 25, 2022.

Many of you might even recognize Mario Lopez from his relationship with her wife Courtney an American actress, singer and dancer. The couple got married in 2012 and has been happily living their married life. With being in the show biz for almost 4 decades, Mario has made a lot of name and fortune. As of 2022, the estimated net worth of Mario Lopez is around $35 millions US dollars. Without any further delay, lets talk about his cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Every possible plastic surgery Mario Lopez has undergone! Recent surgery due to sparring gone wrong, Wife Cortney surgery

A lot of controversies surrounding a possible plastic surgeries started, when people noticed his young physique and the same charisma and undying glow in his face never seem to disappear. So, has Mario really underwent cosmetic surgeries? Well, we can’t be sure as the actor has never publicly claimed about the rumors. However, we believe that he has used some of plastic surgery products and undergone a few of cosmetic surgeries.

Looking at the above before and after picture, With our overall observation, we have come to the conclusion that he is a genetically gifted person with some tweaks in his appearance in order to cope with aging.

Mario Lopez overall facial features remains pretty intact. But the centerpiece that made plastic surgery rumors start was that his skin which is still flawless without any signs of ageing and wrinkles. Botox injections and Fillers take a huge part in creating a more youthful look, tightening your skin, smoothen and increase lost volume of the skin. And we strongly believe that Mario Lopez has used a Botox or Filler or both.

Besides Botox and filler, Mario Lopez hasn’t done anything else or so it seems. His key features like eyes, nose, lips and jaw still has the same appearance compared to before. There’s a tiny difference in his nose, but nothing major to hint at a possible nosejob.

Mario Lopez also recently happened to have a surgery after he accidentally tore his bicep while sparring. He shared, “Evidently, I’m not 25yrs old anymore. Tore my biceps sparring. Might have to take it down a notch. Surgery was a success. Thank you Dr. Itamura!”

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Plastic surgery is quite an open trend in the Hollywood biz and almost every celebrities at one point has done it. Many sources confirms that Mario has even encouraged his wife Courtney Mazza to undergo a boobjob and liposuction in order to achieve a perfect body which she desired and was comfortable with. And if anything necessary that he feels like needs to be changed, he has more than earned to look for the change.

Overall, Mario Lopez is a really good-looking person with a god-gifted genetics. With him pushing 50 years of age, he still manages to look in his 30s. And we believe that most of it also comes from his hardwork, occupying him with workouts and jiu-jitsu training and multiple more side hustles. Check out his Instagram @mariolopez to keep up with his daily life.

So, that’s all we got for you about Mario Lopez plastic surgery news. Stay tuned and updated for mor articles on your favorite celebrity @loveandwants.com

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