Savannah Guthrie weight loss: Reasons, Before and after comparisons

Reasons behind Savannah Guthrie weight loss: Before and after

The Co-anchor of NBC’s The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie weight loss, has shocked many of her fans and followers around the world.

People over the the world recognized Savannah’s weight loss after her special news hour-long show with Amber Heard right after Johnny Depp’s defamation case. In the interview, The 50-year-old seemed really skinny/thin, while most of us recognizes her as a bit chubby. Many even worry if she’s sick or have some health issues. Let’s find out the reason behind her weight loss.

Is Savannah Guthrie Sick?: Initiation on her weight loss journey.

First of all, Savannah Guthrie is not sick or has any health problems. She is completely well and her weight loss was a choice towards healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, Savannah Guthrie is a workaholic. Even after having so much on her plate from work to taking care of her two children, she still manages time for her health.

Savannah Guthrie weight loss
Savannah Guthrie sunbathing with her two children and husband (Source: Instagram @savannahguthrie)

Savannah’s weight loss journey has been a long one. She first started her journey few years ago after getting inspired from her co-worker Al Roker. To start off her weight loss journey, she tried Keto Diet which is basically a really low carb, high fat diet. But after 7 weeks of Keto Diet, she had to give it up as it didn’t seem to make any difference.

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So, what really made Savannah Guthrie transform her body? Diet plan and workout

Well, it might sound cliché but Savannah’s weight loss is mainly because of her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Savannah is an early riser, she wakes up around 3AM. A good sleeping pattern is the key element to achieve anything. Furthermore, Savannah also engages herself in sports and started taking tennis lessons. Keeping one’s body engaged in physical activity is a great way of reducing fat and improving the body shape. Moreover, Savannah was an aerobic instructor in the 1990s, and she likes to take Bari classes three times a week.

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We don’t really know how Savannah Guthrie manages time for all this stuff. But what we know for sure is that all of her hard work payed off as she managed to get the prefect skinny look she has always desired.

Savannah Guthrie before and after weight loss comparisons

Lets take a look at some of Savannah Guthrie before and after picture of her weight loss journey.

Savannah Guthrie face comparison after weight loss.

Savannah Guthrie before and after weight loss
Savannah Guthrie face comparison

Savannah Guthrie body transformation after weight loss.

Savannah Guthrie weight loss photo
Savannah Guthrie body comparison

It’s pretty obvious that she has been able to pull a lot of weight off. We along with many of her fans and followers are really happy for her immaculate journey and hope her best for her future endeavors.

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