Reginae Carter Astounding Weight Loss

Reginae Carter Weight Loss

Grab all details of Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter 10 pound weight loss with before and after comparison.

Lately, the news regarding female American singer and actress Reginae Carter‘s weight loss has been a curiosity among her followers, as she lost over 10 pounds weight and made herself look pretty good.

Those of you who’ve been following Reginae on Instagram might well know that over the 23 years old has undergone weight loss as she has been constantly telling it and keeping us updated about it on her Instagram.

Reginae Lost Over 10 Pounds in Five Days

Snippet of Reginae from the workout. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Carter lost over 10 pounds just within five days, which was a result of a proper diet and workout. Carter lost her weight with the help of her trainer who is guiding her toward making a perfect shape body.

Exclusively opening up on her Instagram, the singer thanked her trainer @iamthekingoffitness for helping her through her fitness journey!. She confessed to sharing how shocking it was for her to lose 10 pounds within 5 days.

I kept getting on the scale like uhhh is this real? But it is !! Because I had the discipline and I stuck with my diet! You guys can too!! Join me! #WNM18 #NoDaysOff”

So what do you guys think about Reginae Carter’s astounding weight loss? A healthy diet, routine, and discipline are the key to weight loss, and undoubtedly Reginae has followed and maintained it.

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