Shutting Down Randy Jackson Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery Rumors with Real Facts!

Shutting Down Randy Jackson Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery Rumors with Real Facts!

Randy Jackson weight loss and plastic surgery – Learn the real facts about former American Idol Judge, and prominent musician Randy Jackson’s weight loss reasons, disease, and plastic surgery facts.

Randall Darius Jackson aka Randy Jackson is one of the most famous American musicians, television presenters, and record executives and is widely recognized as the judge of American Idol from 2002 to 2013.

The 66 years old has been contributing his arts and musical skills since 1983 and by far is one of the living music legends of the United States. From starting his music career as a jazz player to longest serving judge of American Idol, Jackson is one of the most familiar and popular television faces.

With that lately, fans and followers seem to have noticed some weight changes in the music mogul and have been curious to learn the reason behind his weight loss. People have also been coming up with different speculations regarding the weight loss of the 66 years old star. So in order to learn the real facts behind it, ahead we present you with all the details regarding Randy Jackson’s weight loss with before and after comparison review details.

Has Randy Jackson lost Weight from Type 2 Diabetes and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Yes, for those who are unaware, Randy Jackson had to face many health consequences during his time at the American Idol. Over the course of time, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and the illness compelled him to lose weight, therefore, Randy started his weight loss journey.

It’s a curse to be saddled with a disease that’s life-threatening. – Randy wrote on his book, Body with Soul.

Jackson was also diagnosed with gastric bypass surgery in 2003, where his weight was 350 pounds. As things started to get menacing for the star, there was no other option rather than to take extra care of his body and start working on his weights.

And with a proper diet and fitness regimen, Randy was able to cut off his weight. His dinner plan included a meal with lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish. And the other important factor in how Jackson was successfully able to cut off weight was by maintaining strong discipline and not letting him consume any items that would harm him and result in increased diabetes, and mass gain.

You can self-witness the changes Jackson has by analyzing his pictures over the course of the past few years from his Instagram handle that goes by the name @randyjackson. And being honest with the Unify Health Labs founder, he sure does look slimmer and less healthy compared to back then, however, the new slim and trim looks also have added a different charm to his looks and appearance.

No, the Veteran Musician Has not Undergone any Surgeries

Yes, while we do hear people talking about the 66 years old going through surgical procedures to stabilize his youthful looks, however, on reality, Jackson has not performed any surgical procedures.

All of his looks and natural and the thing that is true is that he is aging like a fine wine and there are no other thoughts on that. The reason why most people seem to be confused about his undergoing plastic surgery is from the healthy and chubby Jackson used to be.

So coming straight to the conclusion and not making things longer, No, Jackson has not performed any cosmetic surgery enhancement such as botox, facelift, jaw lift, chin lift, and others to maintain his looks and appearance.

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