Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Former 2NE1 singer Park Bom Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Read the article to know everything in detail about 2NE1 singer Park Bom plastic surgery, before and after, transformation, and more

The famous south Korean singer Park Bom is famous for her beauty along with her singing talent. Making a global recognition through the band 2NE1, she has been able to grab everyone’s interest since young age. She started her career as a professional musician since the year 2006 and has dropped couple of famous albums.

The snap of the singer

The snap of the singer
Image Source: Soompi

Recently, the subject of her plastic surgery is on the trending section. Has she gone through any cosmetic procedure? What are the plastic surgeries she might have adopted to get the beauty she has now? Know all the details about the singer’s plastic surgery with before and after pictures.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Details

It is not the first time the star has been under the suspicions of plastic surgery. The 2NE1 singer has shook the internet several times with drastic changes in her appearance. Talking about the year 2021, her glance in the teaser of MAMA awards made everyone wonder the secrets to her face.

The Snippet of the K-pop star before and after

The Snippet of the K-pop star before and after
Image Source: Pinterest

Comparing number of pictures, fans and followers assumed that the surgery had degraded her looks. While others claimed that everything is the result of a bad makeup. The young-looking K-pop star has reached 38. So, little changes can be considered as the effects of her rising age.

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Major changes are seen on her nose bridge, eyelids and jawline. So, public suspected the singer to have done surgeries like Rhinoplasty and cheek implants. At another award ceremony too, people didn’t overlook her lumpy face. The face looked a lot like it had been under the surgeon’s knife.

What does the K-pop star say about her plastic surgery?

Despite a long list of rumors and speculations, the singer hasn’t admitted to any of the surgical procedure. So, any kind of confirmation cannot be made officially. To settle down the queries of public, her agency addressed about her changing appearance. “Park Bom has had a hard time for a while due to stress”, the agency stated.

She looks a lot different than before

She looks a lot different than before
Image Source: Hype Malaysia

Hype made further clear about her medical condition through the words of her agency. Another site kpopsurgery included lip fillers and breast implants under the allegation of the star. The site also wishes all the luck for the singer to pass the stage of surgery addiction.

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However, some pictures have shown her appearance improved over the years. While others gathered to say the plastic surgery hasn’t favored her. So, it all comes to the observer how one sees. Other than that, it seems she has done little surgery in her facial part.

Talking about Park Bom’s social life, she is active on Instagram and Twitter. Stay connected for any updates and news on the star and her new songs.

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