Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hill star Farrah Brittany plastic surgery: Has the daughter of Kyle Richard ever undergone the knife? Farrah Brittany before and after cosmetic surgery

Netflix's Buying Beverly Hill star Farrah Brittany plastic surgery: Has the daughter of Kylie Richard ever undergone the knife? Farrah Brittany before and after cosmetic surgery

Farrah Brittany plastic surgery rumors started with the release of Netflix’s new show Buying Beverly Hills, where she seemed a bit different than before. Learn everything you need to know about 34-years-old plastic surgery rumors.

First of all, Farrah Britanny is the daughter of Kyle Richards, star of Real Housewives. Kyle Richards (age 53) has been married twice. She has 4 children altogether, three with her current husband Mauricio Umansky, married since 1996, and one (Farrah) with her former partner Guraish Aldjufrie married 1988- divorced 1922.

Farrah Brittany and Kylie Richard plastic surgery (Source: BravoTV)

Farrah Britanny was born on October 31, 1988, in California, USA. She was the first child of Kyle and has been in the constant attention of her mom’s fans. Farrah studied arts and science at New York University and later pursued business at Marshall School of Business. She got renowned after joining the agency and selling a lot of highly-priced properties with her stepfather. According to The Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends list, she is the most-paid agent in the field.

By working and having massive connections in real estate, she has accumulated a lot of fortune. As of 2022, the estimated net worth of Farrah Brittany is around $10 million- $20 million and it is growing more day by day. Farrah Brittany is also quite popular on social media with her Instagram having around 500K followers.

After the recent release of Netflix’s new show Buying Beverly Hills and her old pictures resurfacing, people quickly noticed the changes in her appearance. Let’s discuss every cosmetic surgery Farrah Brittany has undergone.

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Farrah Brittany’s plastic surgery accusations discussed with before and after photo comparisons

Farrah Brittany has been accused of multiple plastic surgeries. Are they just rumors or are they actually true? Well, we don’t have a clear answer to that as she has never addressed this publicly. But, we can look at her before and after pictures and notice her changes throughout the years.

Many plastic surgery experts strongly believe that Farrah has undergone a rhinoplasty/nose job. She used to have a round-shaped flat nose which isn’t the case now at all. It’s more pointy now and looks more structural now. Overall, her nose job has made her look even better and many of her fans believe the same way.

Kylie Richards has publicly admitted to having multiple cosmetic surgeries and it wouldn’t be a shocker if her daughter followed in her footsteps. Farrah Brittany also seems to have gone through a lip filler/implant. As you can see in the before and after pictures, her upper and lower lips were way thinner and now it has more volume and looks juicier.

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We also believe that she has had jawline surgery. Farrah used to have a pointy chin but now it looks more lined up. Besides these surgeries, she could potentially use botox treatments too. Most women usually get wrinkles starting around the age of 25, she seems to have none. Although makeup could be a huge factor in covering these lines, we can never be sure.

So, that’s all we got about Farrah Brittany’s plastic surgery rumors. What do you guys think? Has she ever undergone the knife or is she completely natural? Let us know in the comments below.

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