King Harris Teeth Before & After Sparks Mix Reaction!

King Harris Teeth Before & After

King Harris Teeth Before and after teeth fix. Everything you need to know about King Harris Dental procedures and parents support with details of social media backlash and retaliation.

In recent weeks, the internet has been buzzing with discussions about the new set of teeth belonging to King Harris, the 18-year-old son of rapper T.I. and singer Tiny Harris. 

And as of recent, there has been a lot of gossips related to King Harris new teeth fixture. Since a wide majority of fans are curious to learn about Harris’s new dental work, ahead we have covered you with all the details regarding his teeth with before and after comaparison.

King Harris New Teeth is from Veneers

King Harris (@the_next_king10) made the decision to enhance his smile by getting veneers – a cosmetic dental procedure that involves placing a thin layer of porcelain over the teeth to improve their appearance. 

King Harris Teeth Before & After -T.I. and Tiny Parent Support
King Harris New Teeth is from Veneers. (Image Source: Love & Wants)

While the internet has been having mixed reactions with King’s decision, this choice is a personal and everyone should respected such decision. Many individuals choose to undergo cosmetic procedures to boost their self-esteem and thier overall well-being, and King is no exception.

T.I. and Tiny’ Support & Social Media Backlash

When King Harris revealed his new smile to his parents, T.I. and Tiny, reactions were positive and supportive. T.I. expressed his approval by playfully saying, “You know he got the glow,” and Tiny shared her gratitude for the dentist who performed the procedure. 

Despite the positive reactions from his parents, King Harris faced backlash on social media after revealing his new teeth. Critics took to various social media platforms like Instagram, and TikTok to express their opinions, which ended up with backalsh and hurtful comments.

King’s Response Towards Backlash

In response to the criticism, King Harris addressed the “big teeth trolls” on social media. While his response was lighthearted, it also contained a message of self-confident and resilience. 

He emphasized that he made the decision to enhance his smile for himself, not to please others. King’s ability to stand up to online negativity showcases his strength and maturity in the face of adversity.

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King Harris’ journey serves as a valuable lesson in self-confidence. It highlights the importance of making decisions for oneself and not being swayed by public opinion. In a world where social media can amplify criticism and judgment, maintaining self-assurance is a formidable quality.

The Power of Family Support

T.I. and Tiny’s support to their son shows the strength of family bonds. Their acceptance and encouragement have enhanced King’s confidence and made him more confident about it . It is also an evident of how important family role can play towards one’s decision making skills and self steem.

Cyberbullying and Body Shaming

The backlash King faced on social media also sheds light on the pervasive issues of cyberbullying and body shaming. It is essential to recognize the harm caused by online negativity and strive for a more compassionate and empathetic digital environment.


King Harris’ new teeth has added extra charm to his personality and be that be in a positive and negative way. While there might be a mixed reaction regarding his teeth fixture the best thing about it is that he has had workdone his teetyh stains with clean and balanced allignment.

And with that the loving support from their parent is also one of the major reasoins why he was able to cope up with the entire situation and be confident to himself.

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