Keegan Bradley 30 Pounds Weight Loss with Before & After Comparison

Professional Golfer Keegan Bradley 30 Pounds Weight Loss is Awe-Inspiring!

Keegan Hansen Bradley is a famous American golfer who is also popular for competing in professional golf tours (PGA) and winning the 2011 PGA championship. Bradley’s name ranks among the top successful golfers in the world holding dozens of championships such as the World Golf Championship, 5 PGA Tour wins, 2 NGA Hooters Tour wins, and others.

Talking briefly about the world champion, Bradley was born on June 7, 1986, in Jupiter, Florida, United States, and started his professional career playing on the NGA Hooters Tour. Fast forward to 2023, Bradley’s name ranks as one of the best golf players in the world.

But here we are not specifically to talk about Keegan Bradley’s career but to discuss the athlete’s weight loss which seems to be a subject of concern among his fans and followers. With that, some fans also seem to be curious to learn if sickness or any medical condition affected the athlete’s weight loss, so in order to learn the real facts behind it, ahead we present you with all the details,

Keegan Bradley Shares His Weight Loss Experience!

The 36 years old professional golfer Keegan Bradley’s weight loss has been one of the trending subjects on the internet lately. Shortly after the 1.88m tall athlete appeared lean and thin, fans seem to be eager to find the reason.

To be clear, Bradley’s weight loss is not due to any illness or disease but is the result of his hard work, discipline, and strict diet plan. Speaking to Golf Digest, the 1.91m tall athlete shared that he started dieting after the BMW Championship last August taking an assist from a nutrition company called UpWellness to lose his weight. Bradley even shared his eating preferences sharing,

“I did a lot of fruit as well. So, I’d have eggs in the morning, maybe chicken or ground beef, and then steak at night. All grass-fed meat is the key, and no condiments and no sides.”

With that, he cut off all surgery drinks like soda, and Gatorade, and started doing workouts mostly cardio, cycling, and other physical activities. When he thought about weight loss, he used to weight around 220 pounds and as of now, he is down to 190 pounds. The weight loss drastically boosted his performance and made his personal life better as he was feeling much healthier and fit.

Bradley shared that after the weight loss, he felt like the best golf player when he was super lean. “It kind of like when I first came out on tour, and I feel like my swing a lot better when I’m super lean,” Bradley said. “And that’s why I did it.”

So what do you guys think about Keegan’s new shape and transformation? As per the professional golfer it has made a massive impact on his sporting and made him feel more comfortable and healthier.

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