Justin Stroud Wiki – Mama June Husband Net Worth & Teeth Fix Details

Justin Stroud Wiki - Mama June Husband Net Worth & Teeth Fix Details

Everything you need to know about Justin Stroud’s relationship with Mama June, his Teeth fix with before and after, $500,000 Net Worth, and many more details ahead.

June Shannon (@mamajune), well known by her stage name Mama June, is a reality television star who gained popularity for her appearances on the series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Prior to 2014, June and Sugar Bear were wed but later divorced. Since then, she has dated a number of guys, including Geno Doak, who she dated from 2016 to 2020.

June Shannon reportedly wed Justin Stroud in 2021, according to rumors. About Justin Stroud, Mama June’s husband, there is a lot of interest. To get all the details you require, read on down below where we shall discuss him in detail, stay tuned till the end.

Wiki and Personal life Explained in Short

Justin Stroud (@officialsmallz1)is a 42-year-old contractor who hails from South Carolina. According to rumors, June and Justin connected on Facebook and hit it off right away. According to reports, Justin gets along well with June’s daughters and he also visits them frequently.

Justin is a type of person who is a modest individual who avoids the limelight. He is reputed to have a prosperous construction company and a strong work ethic. He has also received appreciation from June’s family for being supportive and kind to her.

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Although there is very low information about Justin Stroud’s personal life, his marriage to June Shannon has brought him into the spotlight. On social media and at events, the couple has been seen together, and June has posted images of the two of them together.

With June’s turbulent dating history, it is unknown how long June and Justin’s marriage will continue. However, the couple currently seems content together, and June Shannon’s supporters are hoping that she can find stability and joy in her personal life.

Justin Stroud Net Worth is Astounding!

There is not a lot of information regarding Mama June’s new husband Justin Stroud’s net worth. However, according to some sources, Justin Stroud’s estimated net worth is around $500,000.

As per reports from The Teal Mango, Justin Stroud is an auto mechanic and tattoo artist from Alabama. And we have come up with the estimation of his riches by looking at his profession and source of income. As per reports from Indeed.com, an auto mechanic makes around $3,755 per month, to $54,525 per year. And similarly, his other profession as a Tattoo artist makes around $59,555 per year.

So calculating all his sources of streams, Stroud’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 and counting. And after hitching up with Mama June, Stroud’s net worth and popularity have been rising day by day. So we hope soon, Stroud will be counted as a millionaire.

Justin Stroud Teeth Fix with Before & After Comparison

Justin Stroud, Mama June’s husband, had a tremendous shift on the television program Road to Redemption after getting dentures. Following Mama June’s efforts to overcome her drug addiction and mend her relationship with her family, the program premiered on March 19, 2021.

Teeth Transformation (Before and After)
(Image Source: loveandwants)

Justin Stroud makes an appearance in the episode. However, he is missing his front teeth, which he lost as a result of his drug abuse. He discusses how being self-conscious about his teeth has a negative impact on his confidence.

In order to give him a new set of teeth and boost his self-esteem, Mama June decides to accompany him to the dentist to obtain dentures.

Justin Stroud experiences agony and suffering while the transformation process takes several weeks. It even causes uneasiness initially and takes some time to get used to the new dentures. Yet when he shows Mama June and their family his new teeth, the outcome is amazing.

Justin Stroud acknowledges that he feels like a new person with his new teeth and exhibits overt emotion and gratitude for the transformation. Here is a before and after picture showing Justin Stroud’s incredible teeth changes with before and after.

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Not only has Justin Stroud’s appearance changed, but he has also made a considerable improvement in his fight against drug addiction. The Road to Redemption story of Mama June and Justin Stroud serves as a potent reminder that addiction affects not only the addict but also their loved ones and that restoration is attainable with help and tenacity.

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