John Part Weight loss will leave you shocked ! Before-After Comparisons

John Part Weight loss will leave you shocked ! Before-After

Canadian Darts player John Part weight loss has surprised fans all over the world during the World Seniors Darts Championship.

First of all, John Part is known for being an exceptional darts player with three-time world championship title. As of 2022, John Part is 56 years of old.

John Part weight loss detail, Where it began!!

John Part weight loss has been an astounding news to everyone. What shocked people even more is that how he managed to lose weight in such a short period of time.

John Part weight loss before-after
John Part’s belly before weight loss

John’s last appearance before weight loss was in late 2021 to early 2022 at the PDC World Darts Championship where he was quite bulky. As he got eliminated from the competition in the second round, his weight loss journey began.

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How much weight did John Part lose? Before/After comparisons

Although there is no exact information regarding John’s weight loss in any part of the internet however he looks way slimmer and in good shape. Let’s take a quick look at his before-after pictures and compare them.

John Parts before-after

Taking a look at his before-after pictures, its clear that he seems more healthy now. His facial fat seems to have reduced along with his neck fat. John’s belly seems to be tucked in and his arms seems way thinner than before.

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Overall, John Part looks really good and fans over the world has shown huge support on his weight loss journey. Tweets were flooded with many good wishes for his incredible journey. Show some love to him in his Twitter @John Part.

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