Jared Leto Weight Loss and Weight Gain Facts, Before and After and More

Morbius' Actor Jared Leto Unbelievable Weight Loss Secrets

Jared Leto is a famous American actor as well as a musician. His versatile roles have increased his fan base across the countries. The Academy Award winner lately got sparked all over the media from the series Morbius. Besides acting, he has been continuously giving his time for music as well through Thirty Seconds to Mars.

The snippet of Jared Leto
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With time, his physique also has been a keen interest for public. With different portrayal, he has brought a vast difference in his body too. He normally has a slim body. However, people have been asking questions regarding his weight gain and weight loss in a short time.

Has he really adopted any procedures of weight loss? How much pounds did he lose? What secret diets and workout plans made him the look the way he is now? Know all about the actor’s daily routine and the weight loss crusade he went for the role. He is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Jared Leto Weight Loss Before and After

The rumors about his weight loss first rose couple of years ago when fan reported he looked a bit heavier in Chapter 27. Again, admirers were shocked to see his performance in Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club. He was a lot thinner and slimmer than before. Sources claimed that he lost about 30 pounds for the movie.

He has changed his physique number of times
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Jared confessed about it in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, “I’ve done a lot of this in films. It’s not a fun thing. It’s a very hard, bad thing to do to your health and your body.”

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The strangest part about his weight loss is that he did in a period of filming. His most popular role as Morbius didn’t came easily for him. A thin frail scientist later turns into a villain and his physique also goes under complete changes. Only actor like Jared Leto could take such attempt at changing his looks.

His co-stars are shocked too

“I’ve never experienced that, and he stays pretty close to the character the whole time, physically, mentally, emotionally.” His co-star Matt Smith conveyed in an interview. Actress Adria Arjona added, “He would spend hours, and he would not break character. And I just couldn’t imagine being in that position for so many hours. And what that sort of did to his body, it was really impressive, but also terrifying to see.”

Actor Jared Leto in Morbius
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Thus, we can see how much the musician is dedicated towards film. Fascinated by the idea, audiences have been searching about his secret tips and tricks for the transformation. “Twenty solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself”, the actor revealed his secrets to the Magazine.

The 50-year-old actor still looks like in his thirties only because of this clean, natural and whole-food diet and no any intoxicants at all. Further, yoga, cycling and hiking have helped him a lot in his weight loss journey.

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While his well-wishers are appreciating his work, others have found it hard to believe that Jared really went through such transformation as shown in Morbius. Well, truth is what it is and he really went through such alteration.

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