Jana De Leon plastic surgery: Mars Ravelo’s Darna actress plastic surgery with before and after pictures

Jana De Leon plastic surgery

Jana De Leon plastic surgery rumors have been one the most debated among fans. The Mar’s Ravelo Darna lead actress’s breathtaking transformation from 2013 and years forward is what led to these rumors. So, let’s discuss in detail Jana De Leon’s plastic surgery changes with before and after pictures.

Jana De Leon is a Filipina actress, singer, model, and dancer who was born on November 22, 1998, in Quezon City, Philipines. She has always been keen on acting and modeling since a young age. She has been part of multiple beauty pageants and won a lot of titles. Jana has been a part of multiple movies and shows but she got her breakthrough after beating over 300 women, for the role of Darna, in the drama series Darna. Darna is a Philippine superhero series based on a fictional character made by Mars Ravelo of the same name.

The 24 years old is believed to be currently single or maybe has a secret relationship. The net worth of Jana De Leon is estimated to be around $80 million US dollars, however, this could not be exactly true.

Jana De Leon is quite active on social media. She goes by @imjanedeleon on Instagram with whopping followers of 3.1 million. So, without any further delay, let’s talk about the history of Jana De Leon plastic surgery.

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Jana De Leon before plastic surgery: The Filipino natural beauty transformation

Jana De Leon has always been an extraordinary-looking individual since a young age. In 2009 she won the miss photogenic award, and in 2013, she became the Philippines supermodel semi-finalist, and then she went on to play in many tv commercials, movies, and shows. The gradual changes in her appearance were noticed globally and people started raising questions.

The changes in Jana De Leon are so immense that even her Filipino traits are almost not there. As you can see from her before and after pictures, her eyes were a lot narrow and but it looks widened and round. These eyes could be achieved by upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Also, Jana De Leon’s nose job is undeniable. Her nose looks a little bit Hollywood-inspired. She used to have this rounded, under-projected tip but now it is more pointed and has less overall volume compared to before.

We also believe that she has performed some jaw surgery and fillers on some parts of her face. But there isn’t any concrete evidence of that. Besides these surgeries, there aren’t any other changes seen in her. Jana De Leon’s plastic surgery just enhanced her already gorgeous-looking features and almost every one of her fans supports her.

Here’s what one had to say,

I love her looks, very stunning! I will be watching Darna series for sure. Beauty enhancement is no longer a shocking thing these days, even ordinary girls do that so how much more of Jane who’s in showbiz and she knows that good looks are essential to have an acting career. Kim Chiu did it, Regine V as well, and even my neighbor did it and she’s not even an actress so I think that’s pretty normal. Nasa Belo-world na tayo mga kapatid, pa belo na rin kayo para di ma insecure okies???!!!

Another shared,

Well, Liza has western features. Let’s get real, most Pinoys go over that rather than admire their own. They’re both beautiful in their own ways. Stop hating folks.

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So, that’s all we got on Jana De Leon’s plastic surgery. Stay tuned and updated for more articles on your favorite celebrity.

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