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Draymond Green is one of the most popular faces in the world of professional basketball. He has not just won the hearts of millions of fans with his outstanding skills on the court but also with his special appearance. And among them, the most popular ones are his smiley face and teeth, which have been subjects of curiosity for many of his fans and followers.

So, in order to provide some facts behind it and learn about it, in this article, we will delve into the truth behind Draymond Green’s teeth.

Draymond Green’s Teeth: Real or Fake?

Draymond Green (@money23green) teeth have become a topic of conspiracy among basketball fans and followers. With that, many have questioned whether his remarkable set of pearly whites are genuine or the result of dental work. 

To end the rumors and speculations, we provide you with the facts about whether Draymond Green teeth are real or not. However, the perception that they might be fake is not without reason, as his teeth are strikingly white and perfectly aligned.

In reality, Green has been open about his dental journey. During his childhood, his teeth were far from perfect, which led him to take corrective measures. Draymond Green wore braces for a five-year period, which is why he now has well-aligned teeth. This dedication to improving his oral health eventually paid off, and his smile became one of his distinctive features.

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