Hipon Girl Plastic Surgery Truth!!!

Wowowin host Herlene Budol Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Learn everything in the article about comedian Herlene Budol plastic surgery, before and after, wowowin, Instagram and more

Herlene Budol with a full name Herlene Nicole Budol is famous as an actress, comedian and host as well. Many also know her from her nickname Hipon Girl. She got recognized after her appearance in the Wowowin segment “Willie of Fortune” through which she caught many attention.

The snap of the comedian

The snap of the comedian
Image Source: The Blog 101

The young TV star lately has been surrounded with the rumors of plastic surgery. With her rising career and popularity, her beauty also has been a keen interest of public. Has the Filipino star gone through any plastic surgery? Know all the details about her plastic surgery with before and after pictures.

Rumors of Botox, Rhinoplasty and more

The 22-year-old star has amassed certain number of audiences in her Instagram as well. Being a public figure, she has a compulsion to post awesome pictures. In the process, some of her makeup pictures have totally fascinated the fans and followers. She looked totally different in the posts as compared to her TV appearance.

She looks a whole different with makeup on

She looks a whole different with makeup on
Image Source: Cosmo.ph

Talking about the rumors, she has been suspected of surgeries like Botox, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants and more. However, the question arises at her young age as well. Since anything concrete cannot be extracted from her pictures only, the query still remain unsolved.

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Mixed Article has said that unless and until Hipon Girl herself address it, she doesn’t seem to have done any enhancement over her face. Regarding her flawless skin and youthful appearance, she is just in her early twenties. So, most of the fans have leaned toward the fact that she hasn’t done any surgical procedure.

Herlene Budol Plastic Surgery Conclusion

Her nose have become smaller and thinner than before. Some fans have seen the changes and are giving off rumors. But makeup gets all the credit as the star wears heavy makeup totally changing her looks which confuse the public.

She now has astonishing looks

She now has astonishing looks
Image Source: Instagram

Comparing her before and after pictures, one cannot recognize her. But anyone’s looks might be changed once they step in a life of celebrity. So, the secrets to her beauty is not more than a good set of products and partially gene as well.

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Regarding her social media, she is currently active on TikTok, YouTube and Facebook too. Checkout and stay connected for any more information on the star and her personal life and details.

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