Gigi De Lana plastic surgery shocking change in appearance: Gigi De Lana Before plastic surgery

Gigi De Lana plastic surgery shocking appearance: Gigi De Lana before plastic surgery

Filipino actress Gigi De Lana plastic surgery rumors are over the roof top. Her before plastic surgery pictures will leave you shocked.

After Gigi’s appearance on the ‘Tawag ng Tangalahan‘ a singing contest broadcasted on showtime, people were quick to notice the change in her appearance. Her massive changes in facial features led fans and critics wondering what plastic surgeries she might’ve done.

The 26-year-old has always been open about her facial adjustments. The global sensation star was always adored for her beautiful voice but now people are also embracing her new looks.

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What plastic surgeries has Gigi De Lana gone through?

First of all, Gigi De Lana was really open about her surgeries and that she felt really comfortable and delighted with her choices. She even went on to say that anyone desiring for better looks can always go under the knife as it is us inner happiness that matter the most.

Gigi De Lana plastic surgery
Gigi De Lana (Source: Instagram @gigidelanaofficial)

For the Gigi’s plastic surgeries, she has definitely had a lip augmentation ( procedure that creates fuller, more youthful-looking lips). Besides that, she has also done rhinoplasty (surgery that changes the shape of the nose). Moreover, the ‘Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita‘ singer has also done Botox to fix the shape of her cheeks to make it look more fulfilling.

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Gigi De Lana shocking before and after pictures after cosmetic surgeries

Lets a look at her before and after pictures to get a clearer picture of her changes in appearance,

Gigi De Lana before and after plastic surgery
Gigi De Lana before and after plastic surgery

As you can clearly tell the differences looking at the above pictures. Her cheeks and jaw lines seems more arranged, her lips look more fulfilling and her nose had that flat tone which seems to be reduced. She might have done some face life and eye lift but we aren’t particularly sure about that.

No matter all the changes she was already a gorgeous women and the surgeries only enhanced her to peek perfection. She is really happy with her changes, she feels more comfortable and confident in her skin now and her fans absolutely adore her.

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