Every Andrew Tate ‘Top G’ Tattoo that he has and its meaning

Every Andrew Tate 'Top G' Tattoo that he has and its meaning

Andrew Tate tattoo has caught many fans eyes as he is the trend of the year 2022. Lets discuss all the tattoo he has on his muscular body.

First of all, Andrew Tate is anĀ American-British former kickboxer who has won 4 time World Class Kickboxing Championship. But most of you might know, that’s not how he got famous.

Few months ago, we didn’t know this guy existed. But right now, he’s the trend over every social media that you can name. Mainly on TikTok, as you know how TikTok can be. Tate is also widely recognized as ‘Top G’ meaning Top Gangster if you didn’t know and for his popular phrase, “what color is your Bugatti”.

Andrew Tate with his infamous Bugatti
Andrew Tate with his infamous Bugatti

Andrew, 35 years old is known for his wild takes on the matter of how men and women should be. Many even consider Tate being extremely offensive and misogynistic. While many idolizes him and others find him funny/troll. Overall, whatever he is doing is working quite well.

Andrew Tate kickstarted his career as he appeared in the Big Brother in 2016. Andrew Tate has perfected the ‘Pyramid Scheme’ with his Hustlers University, frequent podcast, quite funny, annoying and hateful personality, he’s taken over the internet.

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But we’re not here to discuss about his career. So lets move on and look all the tattoo Andrew Tate has.

Andrew Tate Chest Tattoo Meaning

Andrew Tate has one tattoo on his upper right chest which starts from the wrist of his right arm. Lets take a look at the picture.

Andrew Tate Chest Tattoo
Andrew Tate Chest Tattoo (Source: Instagram @cobratate)

On the podcast with Adin Ross, a young and famous twitch streamer, Andrew Tate was asked about the meaning behind his chest tattoo. He shared that the tattoo was a snake crawling up from his arm to his chest, and the snake’s head is covered with a devil mask.

When Adin asked the reason for snakes and devil mask, he shared that the snake is fighting the devil and he relates himself to snake calling himself a ‘warrior’ who’s always fighting. Andrew shared that he didn’t like the tattoo at some point and the darker part around the snakes head was a coverup but now the tattoo has grown on him.

If you wanna check out the full podcast with Andrew Tate click here,

Here’s another session of Andrew on Adin’s podcast, where he talks about Jake Paul and Logan Paul, here.

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Andrew Tate other tattoos

Andrew Tate doesn’t have any other tattoo or so it seems. On his photos with just shorts and nothing on top, we cant really see any tattoos. But who knows, if he has some weird tattoos around his butt or upper thighs. But that’s not for us to decide. However, if he ever reveals or adds more tattoos we will keep you in check.

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