Drag Queen India Ferrah Teeth & Marriage

Drag Queen India Ferrah Teeth & Marriage

India Ferrah – Grab all details about India Ferrah’s teeth fix with before and comparison, husband, marriage, and details inside the article.

India Ferrah who is popular for her stage name Shane Richardson and recognized after her debut in 2009, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Despite the fact that she didn’t win the show, but she was able to win heart of millions followers and created a fan base.

Amidst her astounding looks a majority of followers seems to be curious to know about Ferrah’s teeth, coming with questions like what happened to her teeth,

What Happened to India Ferrah Teeth?

India Ferrah has an amazing well aligned teeth, and her teeth are also one of her highlighting facial features. Clearing the fog, India teeth are perfectly fine and shinning.

India Ferrah Teeth. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Matter of fact, she has a beautiful white teeth perfectly matching with her looks. If you are still in doubt about her teeth, then you can self-compare her teeth now from Instagram handle India Ferrah. Also read, David Alan Grier teeth fake or real!

Who is India Ferrah Husband

India is not currently married, however, she is engaged to another drag queen Savannah F. James and have been together since two years. India has not shared much details regarding her love life but they seem to bind well together.

Talking about India fiance Savanna, there is not much information available as Savannah is not as popular as India. So there is not much information related to them. But make sure to be updated as we’ll update soon as we get hands to any information we get.

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