Chris Brown Holds Love Island Star by the Throat and Gives Sexy Lap Dance

Under the Influence Manchester Tour Event

If you have been following the R&B king Chris Brown then you might well know about his latest steamy performance at the Manchester event earlier this week. Grab details about it inside the article.

And those who have been following the With You singer might also know about his fans’ meet-and-greet sessions. Well, this time Chris Brown took it to the next level as he was seen giving former Love Island star Natalai Zoppa a sexy lap dance, displaying some sex sutras like grabbing her neck.

Fans Went Crazy Over Chris Groovy Mooves at Manchester!

The audience went crazy seeing Chris as they were seen screaming while Brown performed his groovy moves. Natalia was also seen spreading a huge smile while the No Guidance singer was giving him alluring moves.

Chris’s raunchy performance was one of a kind. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Recently Chris Brown who is currently on his Under the Influence tour invited Natalia who was in a hot charcoal gray playsuit from Oh Polly with blonde hair and matching high knee-high boots. Natalia was brought up to the stage which had a center chair ready to show his thousand Manchester fans with some sassy moves, music, and dance.

Flushing and beaming while the Easy hitmaker sang to her, she sang along with Brown,33, showing some of her moves. Well, many might be curious to know if she was disappointed with the Pop sensation artist’s act, well, in reality, she was only disappointed because she did not snap any pictures from the evening while many people asked her about the outfit details.

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