Former Canadian Star Barry Melrose Teeth Details!!!

Canadian Star Barry Melrose Teeth Details - Before and After (1)

Barry James Melrose popularly known as Barry Melrose is famous as an Canadian-American broadcaster. He collected all the fame during his time as a professional ice hockey player. After the retirement, he has been serving as a head coach for the team as well.

The snippet of Barry Melrose

The snippet of Barry Melrose
Image Source: ESPN Press Room

The Hockey Association and National Hockey League player has been on everyone’s mouth recently. The interest has now been transferred to his teeth. People have been raising several suspicions regarding his teeth.

Has he done any enhancement over his teeth? What really made his teeth look the way it is now? Know everything about the star’s teeth with several pictures as well for the clarity.

What happened to Barry Melrose Teeth?

As revealed by several sites, his teeth look the way it is because of his smoking habits. Compared to before pictures, his teeth have degraded a lot. For sure they didn’t look healthy as other star’s. Those misaligned teeth have impacted the way he speaks and sounds to other people as well.

Look at his teeth
Image Source: PanafricReport

The 65-year-old star had a great health during his time in a team. However, through the years, his health too degraded. Tvguidetime mentioned that he isn’t quite as fit as he used to be at his young age. The $16 million worth has access to the best doctors. So, his health is expected to improve soon.

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So, it comes to conclusion that the reason behind such teeth is just his long term smoking habits. Some even have claimed that certain accident made his teeth worse. With that dental implants also have been a part of rumors. But there isn’t a concrete proof that he has gone under the dentist’s work.

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