American Boxer Andy Ruiz Weight Loss Astonishes Everyone!!!

Andy Ruiz Incredible Weight Loss Before Fighting Ortis (1)

If you do not know, Andy Ruiz is an American professional boxer who has set his fame to whole another level with his boxing skills. The former heavyweight champion has been rumored to have gone under weight loss procedure. Since then, his name has been surfacing on the internet.

The snippet of Andy Ruiz
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His incredible transformation has astonished every fans and followers over the world. His physique only has made everyone wonder what routines might have triggered his crusade to weight loss. He has won several titles which have widened his popularity over the world.

What weight loss procedures made him look the way he is? Know everything about his workout routines and diet plans for such transformation.

Andy Ruiz Weight Loss Transformation

The rumors about his weight loss first rose after he was seen at much different pounds. As snapped by various sources, he was seen a lot slimmer and in the best shape he has ever been. He was on the way to take a fight with one of the toughest opponent, Anthony Joshua, the fight everyone has been waiting for.

Boxer Andy Ruiz before and after weight loss
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His weight seems to have somehow dragged him from his best performance. After losing two matches, he thought about going for a change for good. The same year, he was determined to spent some time out of the ring and work on his physique.

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Talking about his weight loss secrets, he followed a strict schedule workout with Canelo Alvarez‘s trainer Eddie Reynoso as revealed through talksport. He really has worked hard in the gym seeing his now body. However, he later again gained a couple pounds.

What are the secrets to his weight loss?

“The main thing and the most important thing is just putting the hard work inside of the gym. So weight, it goes off and it comes back on whenever it does.” He added, “We’re just focused on boxing.”

He has also conveyed that he feels good after all being back in shape. It has made him easy to practice more and he is really flexible compared to before.

Ruiz added another win on the table
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Further, Andy has an upcoming fight with Luis Ortiz. So, gossips also says that he is preparing at his best with all the weight loss and everything. The former heavyweight champion is all set to add another win on his side.

Looking at his transformation, admirers are motivated to start some steps in their journey as well. People who have been procrastinating for a long time have found enough courage after seeing the star’s upcoming six pack. “Best shape I’ve seen you in! Motivating for myself on my health journey! Crush it,” a fan wrote as a reaction to his weight loss.

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A single picture have created a lot of rumors and sparks. At last after the day passes, fans’ expectation were met as Andy knocked out Ortiz on the match. Thus, surely we can say the weight loss has improved his reflex and movement directly or indirectly.

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