Andy Goode Weight Loss Journey: From Rugby Star to Fitness Inspiration!

Andy Goode Weight Loss Journey!

Andy Goode Weight Loss Journey of 2 stone and 2 pounds, approximately 14 kilograms. Former Rugby star weight loss workout program with Wattbike, complete before and after comparison.

Andrew James Goode is a popular rugby player and sports pundit who gained prominence for his outstanding achievement after scoring over 4,000 points, playing 400 games in some of the big countries like France, South Africa, and England. The 43 years old played for some of the big clubs like Wasps, Leicester Tigers, Worcester Warriors, Saracens, and Newcastle Falcons.

Born on 3rd April 1980, Andy Goode is a famous rugby player who played for many great teams during his 18-year career. He was known for his talent, despite not fitting the usual stereotype for his position. After retiring from rugby, Andy was seen being out of shape and overweight. However, recently, Goode stunned everyone with his shocking weight loss transformation. So in order to learn the real facts, ahead we present you with all the details regarding Andy Goode’s weight loss with before and after comparison.

The Wattbike Workout Program Helped Him Loose 2 Stone and 2 Pound :

Andy’s weight loss journey started with a special exercise program using a Wattbike, an indoor bike trainer. He followed a six-week plan designed by a famous rugby coach. The program was perfect for people who were not very fit and needed to start from scratch.

Andy Goode Amazing Weight Loss Before and After. (Image Source: Instagram (@goodey10))

Andy shared his progress on social media, and unknowingly became a role model for many people. He proved that anyone can change their life for the better, its just your strong desire to achieve something. His hard work and positive attitude motivated others to start their own journeys. The athelete took to his persoanl Twitter account, Andy Goode and shared few words reagrding his weight loss journey. Goode shared,

End of week 5 of my: @wattbike challenge and I’m 14kgs/2 stone 2lbs down! 1 week and a few more Kgs to lose I hope! #whothehellhaveIturnedinto

Along with that, if you guys want to witness the result then you can also find out about it from his Instagram, where you can self witness the weight loss changes of the athelete. He has lost around 30 pounds of weight.

The former Wasps star is often heard talking about his weight loss as back on June 13, taking to his social media handle, Goode shared,

End of week 2 of the 6 week Goodey vs @wattbike challenge and I’m 6.5kgs down! Big @jimhamilton4 we will be tops off strolling down the Champs-Élysées at the @rugbyworldcup before we know it! Hence tracking it, we can definitely see that he has undergone an impressive weight loss.

What is Watt Bike?

For those unaware, Wattbike is one of the smartest and easy ways to work out. It doesn’t even require huge spaces like treadmills and can be installed in an area with a small location. You just need to set up your daily plan and connect your application with Bluetooth and get the desired result.

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As per T3 fitness outlet, via Wattbike, you can easily burn 1000 calories within an hour. And not just limited to cardio, the Wattbike shares lots of other training plans and preset workout from climbs to sprint. And on the fun part, it’s quiet interesting as the bike lets you know your stats comapared from other users in the world of competitors and challenges. Hence, you can mark yourself top of the league and be an inspiration to thousands of its users.

Balancing Fitness and Fun is a Must for Weight Loss

Loosing weight is a tough thing as it comes with lots of sacrifice and discipline. And in the case of Goode, he wanted to lose weight and he didn’t want to give up his favorite post-workout drink. He believed in enjoying life while getting healthier. This approach showed that you can reach your fitness goals without giving up everything you love.

Andy Goode weight loss beacame a success as he initially learned about his body and set up a fixed amount of calorie and fat that needed to be burn. Based on his eating habits, Goode setted up a workout plan and successfully burned the fat. Andy Goode currently weights around 198 lbs which is 90kg and is cutting off his weight day by day.


Andy Goode’s weight loss journey teaches us the power of determination and believing in ourselves. After retiring from rugby, he decided to improve his health and worked hard to achieve his goals. His Wattbike program and balanced approach to fitness inspired countless people worldwide. Andy’s story reminds us that with dedication, even the biggest transformations are possible, and he continues to inspire others with his positive outlook on life.

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