Rachel Fuda before plastic surgery: Jennifer and Rachel Fuda plastic surgery drama, Her teeth fix, husband, net worth and more

Rachel Fuda plastic surgery

Rachel Fuda plastic surgery rumors have flooded all over the internet and people are dying to look at Rachel Fuda before plastic surgery pictures. But are the alleged surgery rumors true? Let’s find out.

Rachel Fuda has captivated the eyes of many as one of the newest cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Rachel was born on May 1, 1991, in Franklin Lakes, NJ. She shares 3 children with her husband John Fuda. Rachel and John started dating back in 2015 when John officially made a post declaring their love for each other. They got married in 2017 and since then, their love for each other has grown unconditionally.

Rachel Fuda is a businesswoman who has hands in multiple companies. Working alongside her husband as well as separately, we believe that Rachel Fuda’s net worth is around $400K US Dollars. Without any furthery delay, lets talk about Rachel Fuda cosmetic surgery journey in detail.

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The drama between Rachel Fuda and Jennifer Aydin and her plastic surgery speculations

Moving on to the main highlight of the post aka Rachel Fuda plastic surgery, it all panned out after an exchange of words occurred on the phone between Jennifer Aydin and Rachel about another co-star Dolores Catania on one of the recent episodes of TRHONJ. Rachel didn’t like the way Jennifer addressed their co-star and they started having a heated argument.

Things escalated quickly and within a few minutes, Jennifer called Rachel’s nose job “terrible” at Teresa’s housewarming party where a lot of people were present. And that was enough for the internet to dig more into her cosmetic surgery procedures.

Well, there is no denying that the 31-year-old has had a nose job. In fact, sources say that she had her nose job done back in 2019. Her nose before was tilted towards the right which now seems to have been changed. Also, her nose now is also smaller and pointier compared to before.

But what other surgeries has she undergone? Rachel Fuda has come out to popularity all of a sudden and her old pictures are quite hard to find to make the comparison. Luckily, we were able to find one of her old pictures which will help us debunk all her cosmetic surgery procedures, however, these are all just speculations and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

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First of all, from what we can see, she has a really strong cheekbone. We don’t think she has done anything to mess with them besides using makeup. But what appears a bit suspicious is her lips. They appear a lot juicer and have more volume than compared to before, therefore, hinting at a possible lip job.

With Rachel in her early 30s and using cosmetic products to enhance her beauty, we believe that she hasn’t injected herself with Botox or fillers. Every other detail of her face looks quite similar which leads us to believe that lip and nose jobs were the only procedures she has undergone.

Plastic surgery has become a common means for people to alter the way they look and no one should be pointing fingers at the decision they decided to make. Most celebrities around the world have undergone surgery and it has become a global trend. About Rachel, although one might believe that she has undergone tons of surgery, we believe the secret to her beauty is her really good makeup skills and her natural cheekbones.

Rachel Fuda teeth fix

Rachel Fuda has also performed a teeth fix. She had quite some trouble with her teeth for a long time. She used to hate how they appeared in front of the mouth and had irregularities in them.

With cosmetic dentistry, she fixed all of her problems. She uses veneers to make her teeth appear more delightful. Rachel Fuda now has a perfectly beautiful smile and wears them like a gold medal.

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So, that was all about Rachel Fuda plastic surgery. Stay tuned and updated to our website for more articles on your favorite celebrity @loveandwants.com.

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