Did Meg Ryan Have Plastic Surgery?- Then and Now

Meg Ryan Facelift (Before and After)

“Meg Ryan plastic surgery” accusations have been ongoing for years.  Comparing her before and after photos we found something. So did she have a boob job, nose job, lip fillers, or facelift? Let us see which cosmetic surgery started.

Despite being one of the biggest stars during her time, Meg Ryan has expressed that she was not interested in acting anymore. In the actress interview with The New York Times Magazine, Meg Ryan emphasized that is not thinking about continuing her acting career.

People first glanced at this beautiful actress following appearances in TV commercials she had her big break in George Cukor’s final film “Rich and Famous.” After this Ryan gained fame as half of one of the most popular soap opera super couples with her portrayal of Betsy Stewart Montgomery on “As the World Turns” from 1982-1984.

We believe that Meg Ryan plastic surgery speculation is because, throughout her 40+ year career, Meg Ryan still was one of the finest-looking leading film actresses. In fact, she earned a handsome amount primarily in romantic comedies, pumping out hits that frequently paid Meg $10-15 million per film that at times made her the highest-paid actress in the world.

She was a victim of Hollywood ageism, one of the main reasons she did not appear after a certain age. 

Did Meg Ryan Get Plastic Surgery?

Having plastic surgery is not a big deal, in 2009, she listed a House for $14.2 million, which sold for $11.1 million to a buyer. Years later, director James Han paid $18.5 million for the House.

And Meg Ryan(@megryan) estimated net worth is around 60+ million. And the main source of her income was from acting.

This just shows that she has a well-adjusted lifestyle.

We also believe that her diet can be the reason people feel she had plastic surgery done.

She has been a promoter of the zone diet, which incorporates all nutrients in a balanced way through five meals a day. We also believe that she also does yoga and exercises to keep her body fit.

We know that you are still not convinced that Meg Ryan didn’t have plastic surgery done. So we did compare her before and after photos, and yes we are convinced that Meg has had a facelift.

And we can clearly see that she has cheek fat transfer too. Her smooth skin and her tight skin signals that Meg Ryan had this cosmetic surgery done.

Meg Ryan Facelift (Before and After)
Meg Ryan Facelift (Before and After) (Image Source: Loveandwants)

How much does a facelift cost? Meg costs $8000 and if done well it can also last a lifetime. The actress is in her mid-50 and facelifts are also normally done at this age.

There are some side effects to this cosmetic surgery too, such as hair loss, skin loss, and of them. You can clearly see that her skin doesn’t look normal.

What about a boob job? Breast implants are not something we believe she did. Her breast size looks the same. Likewise, we also don’t believe that Meg Ryan didn’t have a nose job and her lips don’t look like they had lip fillers done.

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