Peachjars and Moxi breakup: PeachJars wiki and The cosplay queen’s reason for breakup with Moxification

Peachjars and moxi breakup

Peachjars and Moxi is the biggest breakup at the end of 2022 and fans are going crazy over it. Let’s learn in detail about them and their alleged breakup.

Peachjars is an American social media personality, OnlyFans content creator, and streamer who got famous for her cosplaying and unique posts on her Instagram. She was born on June 23, 1996, in the US. She quickly hopped on the fame ride with her seductive body and awesome fashion sense.

The 26-year-old has a relatively shorter height of 5ft 3 inches while she weighs around 50 kg or 110 lbs. PeachJar goes by @peach_jars on Instagram, where she has a following of more than 300k. People are absolutely in love with her alluring cosplay posts and her fanbase in growing bigger and stronger every day.

Moxi aka Moxification, on the other hand, is the boyfriend of PeachJars who is also a streamer and s social media personality. They have been together for a while now and they were really close. They quite occasionally streamed with each other and people adored their goofiness. They have a history of getting married in multiple VR chats, Runescape, Club Penguin, Gaia online, and more. But recently, the news about their breakup has been all over the internet. So, what really happened? Let’s find out.

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Did PeachJars and Moxi break up?

Well, it seems that they have broken up. The internet power couple was quite a sensation for quite some time. But it looks like it has come to an end. Although we couldn’t find the exact source indicating their breakup, we are pretty sure that they are not together. During recent streams of Peach, she hasn’t talked about Moxi at all. It looks like they have mutually decided to end their relationship on terms.

Moxi has also been really quiet on this matter. He hasn’t spoken up about anything regarding their breakup. Peach is back to her usual, streaming, posting on Instagram, and her other stuff. PeachJar doesn’t look much affected by their breakup and she’s streaming quite often to her followers in Twitch @PeachJars

We couldn’t find the exact reason why PeachJar and Moxi broke up but as soon as we find out more about the breakup, we’ll make sure to keep you guys updated. To not miss what actually happened, don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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So, that’s all we got on PeachJars and Moxi breakup. Stay tuned and updated for more articles on your favorite celebrity

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