Hector Herrera plastic surgery: Mexican football player nosejob, ear surgery and more, Age, Networth, WIfe and more, Hector Herrera before and after plastic surgery

Hector Herrera plastic surgery

Hector Herrera plastic surgery rumors started resurfacing after changes in appearance were noticed in the recent Fifa World Cup 2022 group stage match against Poland. So, lets find out what cosmetic surgeries Mexican football player Hector Herrera has gone through in details.

Hector Herrera is a football player who plays the role of midfielder for his nation Mexico as well as American soccer club Houston Dynamo. He was born in April 19, 1990 in Rosarito, Mexico. Since young age, he was really passionate about football and proved his worth when playing for Mexico’s national team in 2012 against El Salvador, where they won the match.

Since then, Hector blew up in all scenes growing a massive amount of popularity. And now, he is competing in the 2022 world cup with his team Mexico and they even won they first match. With massive following and influence to the football/soccer fans, he was gained a lot of money. As of 2022, Hector Herrera net worth is estimated to be around $18 million US dollars.

Hector Herrera has been married to Chantal Mato since 2015 and they have been happily with them since. Hector stands tall with a height of 1.83m or 6 feet with a weight of 80kgs or 176 pounds. Check out his Instagram @h.herrera16, where he has more than 1.3million followers to keep up with the 32-years-old athlete. So, without any further delay, lets dig deep into all of the plastic surgeries Hector Herrera has possibly gone through in details.

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Hector Herrera plastic surgery

Hector Herrera plastic surgery has been a quite trendy topic especially for Mexican fans. The news about his plastic surgery was quite publicized in the media. Hector had to go through a nosejob/rhinoplasty back in 2018 as he needed to improve his breathing. To be more precise, he had a severely deviated septum which causes abnormal breathing. But many believe that he did to improve his appearance.

One shared on Reddit, “That’s the usual excuse to get rhinoplasty. I mean, it could be true, but if that was the case he would’ve done it a while ago. It’s not like he just came into some money, he’s had it for a while.”

Another shared, “When you look like he does, you should be able to get any type of surgery and not have to justify it to anyone.”

Another shared, “

So, what else has he gone through? He looks a lot different than before. Let’s find out the differences looking at Hector Herrera before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Hector Herrera before and after plastic surgery
Hector Herrera before and after plastic surgery

Many believe that he has also undergone a ear surgery. We don’t exactly know the actual reason for why he did it. But most of the people usually perform a ear surgery for one of these following reasons: To enhance one’s looks, to recover from bones issues in the ear, for dizziness or vertigo, for some kind of blockage in the area, infections, eardrum damage, deafness and more.

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Besides rhinoplasty and ear surgery, Hector’s appearance doesn’t seem poked with much. He still has the same muscular face. He has gained some weight prior to his early days and undeniably a mustache and a beard which suits him quite well. His hairline also seems quite the same. He always had a pretty strong jaw line and it remains to be the same.

In conclusion, he has only gone through nosejob to enhance his breathing capability or some might say to improve his looks. What do you guys think? What other surgeries Hector Herrera has one through? Let us know in the comments below.

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