Chizzy Akudolu weight loss: Who is Chizzy Akudolu? Learn Holby City ‘Mo Effanga’ weight loss transformation with before and after pictures

Chizzy Akudolu weight loss: Who is Chizzy Akudolu? Learn Holby City 'Mo Effanga' weight loss transformation with before and after pictures

Chizzy Akudolu weight loss news has been surfacing all over the internet. Although the ‘Death in paradise’ actress has just been seen with a minor weight changes, people are wondering how she did it. Lets talk about Chizzy Akudolu body transformation in details.

Chizzy Akudolu is a British actress known for many outstanding roles. She was born in Harlesden, London, England on 7 October 1973. ‘Sorry, I Didn’t Know Jinx’ (TV series), ‘Man vs. Bee’ (Comedy), ‘Holby City’ (Drama), ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (Reality TV show) are some of her popular shows.

chizzy Akudolu weight loss
Chizzy Akudolu weight loss (Source: Instagram @lil_bit_of_chiz)

Chizzy Akudolu spectacular acting skills have landed her roles on almost every genre of acting. Not only that, she justifies her role through her incredible performance As of 2022, Akudolu competed in ‘Celebrity Hunted’ for Stand up to Cancer. She tried her best escaping from hunters but was caught third in the series.

Chizzy Akudolu was married to Henry Anang back in 1998. They met sometime in the 90s when they both worked at a cinema in London’s West End. Their relationship wasn’t working out, so they decided to divorce in 2000. When asked about the divorce, her former husband shared that she was too focused on her career rather than their marriage.

With Chizzy Akudolu being part in a almost 50 movies and TV shows and being in the showbiz for almost 2 decades, she has accumulated quite a hefty amount of money. Akudolu’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. With constantly appearing in the medias, she has grown a victim to body shame. Many criticized her about her having a fat and unstable body. So, lets talk about her weight loss journey.

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Chizzy Akudolu weight loss: How she gained all her weight? And Chizzy’s effort for body transformation

Chizzy Akudolu has always been recognized for her chubby body figure. But after quitting Holby City in 2018, her weight drastically changed. She shared that she struggled with mental health issues and she leaned towards food to fill her void. She shared,

“The ‘black dog’ of depression has come back. It’s come out of the blue, there’s no apparent reason for it.”

Addressing about her addiction to food, she shared, “Years ago, I used to shop a lot to the point I got into debt. Don’t know if it’s an addiction with food, but I was buying stuff as my therapist told me it was trying to replace love I was missing. All my family are brilliant, talking about partnership.”

She shared that however she’s feeling she always leaned towards food. It really led her to an unhealthy lifestyle, consuming all those junk foods caused her to gain a lot of weight. She also struggled a lot with depression stating that she didn’t have any energy to any stuff other than eating.

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Chizzy has been making a lot of efforts to change her habits. She expressed her worries about her health and said that she’s working on it. She has consulted with people to help her get in better shape. Akudolu also shared that she would never use a gastric band or go through any fat reduction surgery. She wants to deal with the problems both mentally and physically and isn’t looking for a ‘quick fix’.

Chizzy Akudolu before and after weight loss: Diet and workout

Let’s take a look at her before and after pictures to see her progress in weight loss journey.

Chizzy Akudolu before and after weight loss
Chizzy Akudolu before and after weight loss

As you can clearly see, Chizzy has been able to put off quite some weight. We don’t exactly know how much as she hasn’t publicly addressed it yet, but the change is undeniable. Her facial features looks more defined now as her cheeks are much smaller than before. Also, her belly fat is reduced significantly. And overall, she looks like she’s much more happy and comfortable with her body.

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The 49-years-old is trying her best to fight with her weight loss issues. But as she mentioned, it isn’t a quick fix, so she is taking her time with it. Chizzy is working out in the gym as much as possible. She also recognized that she has to tackle food and she doing her best to do that. Chizzy has come a long way since she started but she isn’t there yet. She is just one step behind in getting her dream body shape and we hope her the best in doing so.

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