Governor candidate Stacey Abrams weight loss journey: How she did it? Amazing weight loss result diet and workout with before and after pictures

American Politician Stacey Abrams weight loss journey: How she did it? Amazing weight loss result diet and workout with before and after pictures

Stacey Abrams underwent a astounding weight loss. With her running for the next governor of the great state of Georgia. weight loss might not be her priority right now. But she has made a lot of progress and lost a lot of pounds. 2022 is looking like the healthiest year of her life. She is really happy and comfortable with her body.

Stacey Abrams is a really multi-talented person. Besides being an American politician, she is also known as a lawyer. In 1998, she earned a Master of Public Affairs degree at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs. Then she went on to earned a Juris Doctor (JD) in 1999.

Stacey Abrams weight loss
Stacey Abrams weight loss (Source: Instagram @staceyabrams)

She is also a voting right activist and her efforts have been extremely appreciated as during the time of elections, she rose the voter turnout of Georgia state by a lot. The 48-years-old is also a known author with her publishing 14 novels in total. Her work contains both fictional and non-fictional stories. Some of her popular books are Lead from the Outside, Our Time is Now, and While Justice Sleeps being her most recent one.

Stacey Abrams had a lot on her plate with all the stuff that she’s working on, she forgot to acknowledge her health priorities. Lets talk in details about how her weight loss journey started.

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Stacey Abrams weight loss: Her weight gain issue and weight loss in 2022

The American politician was always conscious of her size. As a matter of fact, back in 2012, she went through a baseline weight loss journey. She weighed around 250 pounds but with massive dedication and hardwork she was able to overcome the issue and weigh around 136 pounds in just a year. But something snapped and she couldn’t help stress eat. Eating made her feel really comfortable and filled her void for parental love growing up. She slowly gained all the weight back and was back to the start.

But that wasn’t the end to her weight loss journey. In 2022, she has managed to lose around 40 pounds in weight. Although that isn’t much compared to before, it’s still extremely good. She has been very vocal about her weight loss journey and doesn’t push herself like before.

Everybody has stress in their life and that can be a major factor in gaining weight. And although physical exercise might help you lose them but they can’t eradicate all your problems which will eventually crawl up to become what you were before.

Stacey Abrams weight loss
Stacey Abrams weight loss (Source: Instagram @staceyabrams)

In the field of politics, many people judged her for being an overweight and made harsh comments. But she didn’t want to change for them,

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She shared, “I refuse to let someone tell me that I am less than because they think my body is more than me.”

She pointed that she is focused on what matters i.e. her knowledge, “My sense of self is grounded in the fact that I work to make sure I know what I’m talking about.”

Abrams further shared that  “I spent a lot of time worrying about who I was in comparison to those I was around.”

It is really delighting how she has turned into this confidence and body positive person. Even thought many harsh comments were made throughout her career, she never let any of them influence on who she was.

Stacey Abrams before and after weight loss: Diet and Workout

Lets take a look at her before and after pictures to see the difference in her weight.

Stacey Abrams before and after weight loss
Stacey Abrams before and after weight loss

As you can see from the before and after picture, there is a slight change on her weight. Her facial and body fat has reduced overall. With her running for governor, there’s a lot on her plate right now, but maybe we will see more of her weight loss in the future. Right now, she has lost around 40 pounds in total.

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Talking about her diet and workout, she still eats whatever she wants, just a bit limited. She tries to ignore junk foods. About workout, she goes for a walk and with her tight schedule right now, that’s all she does.

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