Trisha Paytas plastic surgery will leave you shocked! Complete transformation Trisha Paytas before plastic surgery comparisons

Trisha Paytas before plastic surgery will leave you shocked! Complete transformation with before and after pictures

Trish Paytas has been in the YouTube world for a long time. With time moving on and her still being quite relevant, people couldn’t help but notice Trisha Paytas plastic surgery changes throughout the years.

Also, with the 43-years-old Youtuber recently giving birth to her first ever daughter, Trisha Paytas resurfaced all over the internet. With that many also took keen interest towards looks which looked a bit odd.

Trisha Paytas with her daughter
Trisha Paytas with her daughter

In the photo, she appeared without many makeups, obviously. And her marks on her face and lips can clearly be seen which could be the aftermath of fillers and Botox. So, lets find out Trisha Paytas plastic surgery details.

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Every plastic surgery Trisha Paytas has undergone: Before and after plastic surgery

The queen of feuds has always been open about controversial topics regarding her plastic surgery, weight loss and more. If you were a fan of Trisha or noticed her from the beginning, you cant deny how much she has changed over the years.

Trisha Paytas unlike any other youtubers/celebrities was pretty open about her cosmetic surgery. She has even made couple of YouTube videos and discussed about them. Trisha shared that she has done liposuction (cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body fat), Breast augmentation (surgery to increase breast size) and butt augmentation (procedure used to improve the volume, shape, and contour of the buttocks).

Besides these surgeries, Trisha Paytas has undergone Botox to relax her muscles and cover her wrinkles. Lip and cheek filler are also noticeable in her appearance as without without any makeups you can see the stretch marks on her face. She might also have a possible nosejob but we aren’t sure.

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Lets take a look at Trisha Paytas before plastic surgery and after pictures to see the transformation,

Trisha Paytas before plastic surgery
Trisha Paytas before plastic surgery

Talking about her Liposuction, she has had three altogether, could be more now. One in back of her arms, one on stomach and one on the back. She also shared she did Brazilians buttlift , as she preferred more curvy looks.

On H3H3 podcast, she further shared her plan for more plastic surgeries. Her list included butt implant, liposuction, boob and lip job. Her Lips definitely looks a little messed up now, so lip job would be a good option. Trisha was also unsatisfied with her boobjob saying, “I just want them more fake. I want them a little higher and more high profile.

That’s all the cosmetic surgeries we know that she has gone through. If we missed out any, let us know in the comments.

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