‘Sex Education’s Jean Milburn, Gillian Anderson plastic surgery 2022: Before and after pictures and Anderson’s secret to beauty

Sex Education's Jean Milburn, Gillian Anderson plastic surgery 2022: Before and after pictures and Anderson secret to beauty and

Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson plastic surgery rumors were always on the internet. People couldn’t argue over her never aging looks and almost everyone assumed that she has undergone plastic surgery. So, Are the rumors true? What’s her secret? What plastic surgeries has she undergone? lets find out.

First of all, Gillian Anderson is an American actress based in the UK. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, US and as of 2022, Gillian Anderson’s age is 54 years old. She has three children with her former partners and she is currently single.

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson (Source: Instagram @gilliana)

Most of us might recognize Anderson from her roles as Dana Scully in ‘The X files‘ series, as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Crown‘, as Jean Milburn in the fan favorite series ‘Sex Education‘ and more.

But we aren’t here to discuss about her wiki and career. So, lets get straight into it to find out what surgeries has she undergone.

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Are Gillian Anderson plastic surgery rumors true? Gillion thoughts on the cosmetic surgery

Well, Gillian Anderson has always been a finer looking women considering her age of 54 years old. This raised many question about possible plastic surgeries as it is common for celebrities to do a few tweaks to make their appearance better.

Many experts allegedly started accusing her of of plastic surgeries and Botox. People were almost certain that she had gone through hair line lowering surgery to make her forehead more smaller. Many were also convinced that she had few tweaks with her eyes and neck.

Moreover, many even confronted her about a possible nose job and lip fillers. People couldn’t believe her outstanding jaw line and cheek bones and were quick to assume that she done some cosmetic surgeries to keep it that way.

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery
Gillian Anderson plastic surgery

Anderson mentioned in 2013, “[I had a] period of time thinking, “Surely something can be done without having to be cut into?”. It also led many to believe that she might use surgeries later in her life.

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When a lot of question regarding her looks and plastic surgeries were made in 2016, Gillian was pretty frustrated with the rumors. She made it loud and clear that she has never done any cosmetic surgeries and shared some words in a Facebook post,

“If it weren’t so sad, this bollocks would have made my day” and next day she followed it a fresh and natural looking photo, “This is how I really look! #agingwithoutshame.”

She further added, “I’ve got flabby thighs, I’m aging and I’m 5’3. I talk about my failing in contemporary society in terms of gyms or food or whatever. I think there’s a polite appreciation that I’m honest.”

Even though she claims that she has never went under the knife, its Hollywood biz and no one is sincerely honest. What do you guys think?

Gillian Anderson before and after comparisons: Gillian Anderson secret to beauty

Lets take a look at her before and after picture to get a more clearer view of her transformation,

Gillian Anderson before and after plastic surgery
Gillian Anderson before and after plastic surgery

Looking at her before and after pictures, it seems that she just aged like a fine wine. That’s really it. Her facial features such as eyes, nose, lips, jaw line, cheeks remains almost same just a little aged. The furthest thing we can expect she did would be Botox to tighten her skin, which is also just an assumption. She was and still is a really pretty person in general and we believe that its all natural.

So, how does Gillian manage to appear so pretty through the years? Well, she shared her secret to her everlasting beauty and it is coconut oil. Yes, she uses coconut oil for cooking/eating, using it as a hair product and also as a lotion for her skins. That’s basically it. Make sure to get a load of coconut oil, who knows it might help you too.

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What do you guys think, is she telling the truth? Has she went under the knife? Lets us know in the comments.

Stay tuned and updated for more articles on your favorite celebrity.

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