‘Jim Hopper’ David Harbour weight loss before-after workout, diet plan

Stranger Thing's Jim Hopper David Harbour weight loss before-after workout

David Harbour weight loss of 75 pounds in the new season of Strangers Things has shocked the fans.

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, David Harbour who portrays ‘Jim Hopper’ reveals his fine shaped physique which was the result of Hawkins’ chief of police locked up in a Soviet labor camp which perfectly corelates to his journey. People were shocked to see his amazing transformation where he lost more than 75 pounds.

If you’ve been keeping up with all the seasons of Stranger things, David’s transformation is definitely the most massive change of the show. It took the 47-year-old actor and his trainer almost around 18 months to get the shape that he’s in now.

David Harbour weight loss: How season 4 of stranger things helped his rebirth

David Harbour has been quite open about his weight loss journey and struggles. He never really was an athletic/sports person growing up. Harbour didn’t prioritize his health most of his life, but after reaching his 40’s his health definitely hit a nerve. He felt like he couldn’t sustain longevity with the path he was going on.

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‘War of the Worlds ‘ David Harbour thought that he could never be able to be fit and accepted with the way his body was. But with the set back of season 4 of Stranger things and the way his character’s story was moving, he found a prefect timing to look for change. He shared that the season 4 of Stranger Things really helped him initialize his journey to healthy lifestyle. Here’s what he has to say,

“It opened up a whole new world. I’m a lot more pliable and a lot more teachable, even in my mid-40s, than I ever imagined could be. And it felt like a rebirth. It was really refreshing and really exciting to feel like after months of training, ‘Oh, now I can just sprint across the street if a car comes.’ Just simple little things like that that were really exciting for me.”

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David Harbour workout, diet plant: Before and after weight loss

David spent most of his time working out on resistance and steady-state cardio. His cardio mainly included running around one and an half hour but with very low intensity. Besides, he also does some light lifting and additional exercises. David shared that the workouts not helped him achieve his dream shape, it further enhanced him mentally keeping his anxiety in check.

“It really helped with my anxiety and my breathing rate. You get about 40-45 minutes in and my breathing would just slow down and I just became more relaxed.

To further help with his breathing problems, he does Pilates which basically helps strengthen the core, upper and lower part of his body. He referred Pilates to feel refreshing compared to heavy lifting feeling like an armor weighing on his body.

David Harbour on his regular running session

With every hard work there will be something to always piss you off. What pissed David Harbour the most throughout the weight loss journey was the regular schedule of workouts he had to follow,

“When you’re training for something, you get experts around, trainers and nutritionists, and that’s really helpful, but also it gets tiring. I am an artistic, creative personality who, in general, doesn’t love to be told what to do. I like to forge my own path. And so it gets a little tiring when you have all these people sort of telling you what to do and so you kind of want to go off and just do your own thing.”

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David Harbour Diet Plan

As for David’s diet plan, he started intermittent fasting ( not eating for a period of time each day or week). He explained that it helped him a lot and how it was just a code of starvation.

“We would do like six hour windows and like two days a week I would do 24-hour fasts because I started to get more and more intense.”

David shared that he eats whatever he likes but its the timing that really matters. From burger to pies, he would eat anything but it had to be within 8p.m. Before his journey, he would eat snacks all throughout the day and night which he has stopped. He has also reduced the amount of sugar he takes and start eating more vegetables. Besides that, he skips breakfasts sometimes and is willing to continue the same habit.

David Harbour before and after weight loss

Lets take a look at his before and after pictures to see the difference he made,

David Harbour before and after weight loss
David Harbour before and after weight loss

The difference in his body shape and size is really immense and it clearly shows the amount of time and hard work he has put. Weight loss is easier said than done and many people are trying to achieve it. David has been a huge inspiration to all the fans looking for change in lifestyles and we got to give the props to the man.

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