Tamela Mann weight loss: Shocking results before and after

Tamela Mann weight loss: Shocking results before and after

Tamela Mann astonishing weight loss journey will blow your mind.

First of all, Tamela Mann is an American gospel singer, songwriter, producer and actress. Tamela has been around show biz for a while now and in her time she has graced us with some fabulous music’s.

Tamela Mann first started her career as singer in the gospel group Kirk Franklin and the Family. ‘Take me to the King’, ‘Father can you hear me’, ‘Now behold the lamb’ are some of her popular songs.

How/ When/ How much did Tamela Mann lose her weight?

Tamela Mann was always conscious of her increasing weight. It even got to a point where it felt like she didn’t have any control over her body. So back in 2019, she finally decided to overcome her weight issues and started a weight loss journey. The major factor pushing towards a healthier choice was after she joined WW. Since then Tamela hasn’t been the same.

What I mean by not being the same is that Tamela’s new transformation looks absolutely insane. Its like she turned into a different person. Since her weight loss journey she has lost more than 100 pounds which is extremely impressive. Initially, she used to weight around 250 pounds but now she weighs around 140 pounds.

Tamela Mann weight loss
Tamela Mann weight loss Be Free, Be Fit, Be You (Source: Instagram @davidandtamela)

Many of Tamela Mann’s fans and followers are also worried about her drastic weight loss being related to her health issues. To clear the air, Tamela is completely fine, she has no illness and her move towards weight loss was for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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Tamela Mann before and after weight loss: Diet plan and Workout

Before we discuss about how Tamela Mann prepared herself to embark the journey of her weight loss, lets take a quick look at her before and after pictures.

Tamela Mann before and after weight loss
Tamela Mann before and after weight loss

Isn’t the change massive? Many might not even recognize her at a first glance. All the hard work throughout the years really payed her off. From being oversized to a perfect body, the change is unbelievable. Besides that, many of her fans and followers are also motivated after her impressive weight loss journey.

But how did the 56-year-old pull the weight loss off? Well, the first step is definitely the sleeping pattern which hugely impacts your health.

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Secondly, Tamela Mann’s freedom of eating had spoiled her. So she sought the help of WW which helped standardize her mouth habit. Before, Tamela was fond off chocolates and sugary stuffs but now she consumes them in a more healthier way. Most of her diets now consists a lot of fruits and veggies along with smoothies and low calorie yogurts. Here’s what she has to say on the matter,

I still eat what I like but I’ve cut my portions back, picking and choosing the right, healthier choices. My thing this year is to stay focused and finish

Moving on to her workout plan, there’s nothing complicated. Mann doesn’t focus on the harder workouts. She likes to walk/run every day for around 30-40 minutes. Sometimes, she takes a Sauna bath and occasionally goes for a cycle ride or swimming.

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Tamela Mann has been such a motivator for all the people struggling with weight issues. Her losing more than 100 pounds has proved that anything is possible if desired. Besides that, Tamela in her new look looks absolutely stunning and hope she continues her journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

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