Chloe Kelly teeth: Is her teeth damaged from injury?

Chloe Kelly teeth: Is her teeth damaged from injury?

Many fans have caught eyes of Chloe Kelly teeth after she scores a winning goal for England against Germany in the finals of Euro 2022.

Chloe Kelly is an English Footballer who plays forward for Manchester City in Women’s Super League, and the national team of England.

More than a year ago, Chris Kelly had a serious anterior cruciate knee ligament (ACL) injury which forced her off the ground for almost a year. Fortunately, she recovered in time to make it to Euros and even win it. This has to be one of the greatest comebacks in history of football.

What happened to Chloe Kelly teeth? Before and after comparisons

Firstly, we believe that Chloe Kelly teeth were never injured. Even if it was, we don’t have any information on that.

Looking at her older pictures on her Instagram @chloekelly, The 24-year-old had an unusual teeth shape since her childhood. Most of her teeth weren’t aligned properly. Chloe’s teeth were overcrowded and her front tooth had gaps. So, to fix all the teeth issues, Chloe Kelly uses braces.

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Besides braces, its unlikely that Chloe Kelly use any other cosmetics to enhance her looks.

Chloe Kelly teeth
Chloe teeth before and after

As you can see, Chloe’s teeth before were protruding which are caused by many factors in your teeth. So to fix it, she needed the braces. Removing Braces in average takes between 1 to 3 years but it also depends on the situation of the person.

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Chloe Kelly has never openly talked about her teeth in the media and that’s all the information we have on her teeth.

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