Neil Balme weight loss : Reasons behind weight loss before & after

Neil Balme weight loss has shocked fans over the world. Many are even concerned if the weight loss had to do something with his health.

First of all, Neil Balme is former Australian rules football player, businessman who has been in the show biz for more than 30 years. Right now, he is the manager of Collingwood Football Club.

Is Neil Balme Sick? What’s the reason behind his weight loss?

Well for all the worriers out there, Neil Blame is not sick. Even thought fans may have doubts as he suffered from brain seizure in 2020 and faced other unusual medical condition, we can assure you that Neil Balme weight loss is not related to his health issues.

Neil Balme looking healthy and fine

Neil Blame simply chose to be healthy as at a point in time he weighed around 270lbs/122kg which was taking a toll on him. He then decided to lose 50 pounds within 2018, and more 10 pounds each passing year. Well, his commitment to his journey was definitely fruitful as it seems that he’s reached his goal.

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How much Neil Blame Weight loss? Before/After Comparisons

Neil Balme wiki shows that he currently weighs 104kg/230lbs which is pretty impressive as he managed to lose around 20 kg/44lb. But we believe the 70 year old has managed to lose even more weight as looking at his current pictures he seems way skinnier.

Lets take a look at his before/after pictures.

Neil Balme weight loss before and after

As you can clearly see from the above picture, Neil has lost quite a bit of weight. His facial fat and neck fat are completely reduced. If you compare his body too, his arms and legs seems much smaller. He looks in a much better shape for his age.

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