Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thomson Weight Loss Before & After

Mick Thomson, the guitarist for Slipknot has amazed fans all over the world through his journey with weight loss.

Being in the famous heavy metal band ‘Slipknot’ for more than 25 years, he was always know to be the ‘bulky guy’. But Mick’s transformation will leave you shocked.

How Much Weight Loss Did Mick Thomson Pull Off And His Height?

Well, we don’t exactly know how much weight loss he actually pulled off, but what we know for sure is that he reduced a lot of his body fat. Right now, he weighs around 90 kg which is a pretty impressive weight for someone whose height is 6 feet 3 inches/ 1.93m.

Mick Thomson before weight loss

Many fans or as they call it ‘maggot’ has left a lot of comments on Mick’s massive change. Someone shared, “Can I just simply say, Mick has always been an ice cold badass and hard worker? I’m happy he is not only getting healthier but that he has never stopped working hard as hell. He’s genuinely a hero of mine, always will be.”

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Another guy shared, “He is no longer Thick Momson lmao, Super happy for him.” Fans over the world are showing appreciation for his weight loss journey and he deserves it.

How Did Mick Thomson managed to weight loss?

Well, its purely because of hard work and dedication. Mick’s pseudo statistic once shared that he had back and neck problems. Even with that, he worked his butt off to make his lifestyle healthy. Following a strict daily workout routine, having a balanced diet and pushing himself further every day made him achieve what he is today.

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Lets take a look at his Before & After picture.

As you can see, there’s a massive difference in his weight. He looks skinner like how he was during the 1999. What do you guys think?

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