Letitia Dean Weight Loss, Diet, Workout and before-after Comparisons

Letitia Dean Weight Loss, Diet, Workout and before-after Comparisons

Letitia Jane Dean popularly known for her role as Sharon Watts in the BBC soap opera EastEnders surprised everyone with her recent body transformation.

Beforehand, people really didn’t notice her huge weight loss until the English actress appeared on Albert Square in 2022. At a quick glance, you wouldn’t believe how much weight she has been able to put off. Many even believe that she might’ve undergone surgery to reduce the fat.

Lets take a quick look at the transformed Letitia Dean.

Yes, she is the same Sharon Watts you’ve been seeing on the BBC Soap opera EastEnders. This tremendous change after working on TV for almost 40 years had fans and critics wondering how she accomplished the weight loss.

Letitia Dean weight loss Journey. Was it through a surgery?

So, it all began when Letitia felt like she was too big/oversized. Even though fans always acknowledged her for their body weight, it wasn’t enough. Trolls would often body shame her since she was a little kid and it really affected her morale till the latter stages of her life.

The 54-year-old finally decided to face her inner demons and went on a strict weight loss diet. Letitia has managed to lose around 25 pounds in just 4 months initially weighing from 105 pounds to 83 pounds. She revealed that she feels really comfortable and proud of what she’s been able to achieve.

And about surgery, there is no such evidence to prove possible liposuction.

Letitia Dean Diet plant, Workout, and before-after photos

There are always some sacrifices to achieve something. And so did Letitia achieve her goal. Her journey began after she joined the health center for the first time. Even though it was hard for her to start out, she gradually developed a habit of eating healthier and managing her calorie intake.

Letitia Dean before and after weight loss

Letitia slowly began working out and found herself fascinated by boxing. Yes, the soap opera actress loved boxing and it helped her a lot to trim out her body weight.

Letitia Dean has been a role model for so many overweight people around the world with her astonishing weight loss makeover.

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