What Happened to Late Singer Buddy Holly Teeth

What Happened to Late Singer Buddy Holly Teeth!

Buddy Holly – Grab all details of American singer and songwriter Buddy Holly’s teeth.

Buddy Holly whose real name is Charles Hardin Holley is famous for his work with US American band, The Crickets. The late singer who passed away on February 3, 1959, at the young age of 22, is forever remembered for his arts and contribution to the early music scene.

But here we’ll not be talking about Everyday singer’s amazing songs and career, but are talking about Buddy Holly’s teeth, which still now has been drawing the curiosity of many people.

So in order to know what’s up with that, ahead we present you with all the details,

What Happened to Buddy Holly Teeth? Was it Cappped!

Besides his amazing singing career, Buddy Holly was also popular for his shiny well-shaped teeth. But with that few of the fans also seem to be curious to know about what really happened to his teeth as his frontal two teeth seem to have tar on them.

Buddy Holly Teeth with tartar. (Image Source: Buddy Facebook)

As you can see Buddy’s teeth has tar on the front part of his teeth, however, some fans speculated that he always had such teeth and was hidden via a teeth cap. Thou Buddy never opened the reasons behind his teeth stains, we assume that it might be cavities which made his teeth look like that.

Some also came with assumptions that the tartar on his teeth might also be the aftermath of drug use as it leaves stains on his teeth. However, it is just an assumption as we can’t be sure about it.

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