Letterkenny Star Jared Keeso Teeth!!!

Letterkenny Star Jared Keeso Teeth Details - Missing or Not?

Learn every details about Canadian actor Jared Keeso teeth, missing, before and after, Letterkenny and more

Jared Keeso is famous as a Canadian actor, screenwriter and producer. He has been continuously contributing in the field of entertainment industry since 2004. The actor rose to immense fame after starring in the comedy series Letterkenny. The Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy Series also further raised his popularity.

The Image of actor Jared Keeso

The Image of actor Jared Keeso
Image Source: Famous People

Lately, his name is rising on the internet section concerning his teeth. What dental procedures has he gone under? What happened to his teeth? Is his teeth really missing? Know everything about Canadian actor’s teeth with several pictures for clarity.

Jared Keeso Teeth – Missing or Not?

The rumors and news came on the surface after a couple of pictures showed the actor was missing his tooth. Reddit also questioned among public about the status of his teeth. People were in a dilemma on whether he really doesn’t have a tooth or he took it out for the show.

What happened to his teeth?

What happened to his teeth?
Image Source: CBR

A fan replied, “Maybe he’s actually missing the tooth and has a fake tooth that he takes out.” Another one supported saying he used to play a lot hockey in the past. So, it is partially believable that he is really missing a tooth.

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The show’s audience has always been showing a lot interest and love towards every star of the show. Similarly, Jared also has been a favorite Shoresy to some. On addressing about the rumors, some fans even have said that he went through as he had to portray two roles.

Conclusion about his teeth

Moreover, other admirers even have opined that he painted his tooth black for the role only and the set of his teeth is perfectly fine. But that doesn’t seem to be the case as the clear shots have shown a huge difference in his teeth.

The Image of Series' Stars

The Image of Series’ Stars
Image Source: Slash Film

What are your opinions on the star’s teeth? What really happened to his teeth? The case has remained unsolved until the actor, himself addresses about it. Stay connected to his twitter for any updates on his personal info and more.

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